BRÄTSCH K3-1275-type oil free compressors are especially developed for discharging liquids from road tankers and tank containers.

They are suitable for chemicals, food stuffs, oil, bitumen, etc. These liquid tanker compressors are especially suitable for use with corrosive and acid media, when pumps cannot be used. Due to their high pressure capability (4,5 bar) these compressors can quickly transfer highly viscous products like chocolate, even to high altitude tanks.

Technical data

Theoretical intake                                1300 l/min, 21,6 l/s

Actual air output at 1 bar                     1000 l/min, 16,6 l/s

Revolving                                            1650 1/min

Maximal pressure                                4,5 bar

Power                                                  4 kW

Nr. of cylinders                                     3

Mass                                                    28 kg

Maximal temperature                           40°





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