The majority of the components used in frame straightening are manufactured in a special aluminium alloy. The equipment is lightweight, strong and easy to handle.

The system consists of three complete straightening units each mounted on wheels and with accessories. It can easily be complemented with other Josam straightening tools such as our C-clamps and hydraulics.

Our product line of C-clamps for pressing and riveting is unique and the different versions are well-suited for repair and bodywork on heavy vehicles. The clamps can be used as a complement regardless of the available equipment in the workshop. The offer includes small 10 ton C-clamps for minor local deformations up to 40 ton C-clamp that can be used for both pressing and riveting.

Hooks and chains are very useful and important accessories in all kinds of straightening work.

JOSAM drill is a drilling system, which by using a leverage, facilitates and speeds up the demanding drilling work. JOSAM drill is especially designed for drilling 12-20 mm holes in frames of heavy vehicles. The drilling can be performed ten times faster than by conventional drilling equipment.

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