The development and manufacture of vertical turning and grinding machines is a HUNGER speciality.

The B 325 is a universal brake drum and brake disc turning and grinding machine complete with cross-feed. It is also eminently suitable for turning and grinding flywheel clutch faces.

The B 355 is the ideal machine for vehicle repair shops in which brake reconditioning is not carried out frequently enough to warrant a large, permanently operated drum turning machine.

The profiling of brake linings in position, i.e. on the axle, guarantees safe braking values from the outset. Furthermore, the linings make contact over their full working surface. Overloading and consequent over-heating caused by partial contact is eliminated and both brake lining and brake drum life extended.

The E 328 is the answer to the rapid proliferation of brake discs on commercial vehicles.

Simple easy use riveting machine, working by pressed air.

Accurate riveting of brake linings is an essential requirement for the safe operation of vehicle brakes and avoidance of a major source of brake squeal. The N 333 assures quality operation and thus a quality brake job.

The S 330z belt grinding machines are ideal for cleaning and derusting brake shoes. Uneven corrosion and oxidation deposits as well as adhesive residues are removed from old brake shoes by grinding.

The S 331 brake shoe grinder with grinding roll is a low priced but high effective machine for cleaning and derusting brake shoes.

With the RS 415 the brake linings are grinded in shortest time to fit the brake drum diameter.

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