The B 325 is a universal brake drum and brake disc turning and grinding machine complete with cross-feed. It is also eminently suitable for turning and grinding flywheel clutch faces.

Due to its many advantages, it has now become the standard machine in brake servicing shops. Key features include:

  • Technically up-to-date "intermittent feed".
  • Short toolholders due to axially adjustable base slide.
  • Steplessly variable spindle speeds and feeds.
  • Longitudinal and transversal feeds each in both directions (in and out).
  • Tool feed drive by electronically controlled DC motors.
  • LCD-digital displays.
  • Generously dimensioned slideways for saddle and cross-slide.
  • The far forward position of the spindle bearing with precision tapered roller bearings allows the work arbor to be subjected to high loads (800 kg!) without additional support. This allows quick, simple and unobstructed front loading of brake drums, with or without wheels.
  • Timesaving simultaneous turning and grinding of drums possible.
  • The powerful and effective dust and chip extraction provides a healthy and clean work station.
  • The particularly cost-effective B 325 with its highly perfected mode of operation offers an excellent price/performance ratio and rapid amortisation, even with only partial utilization. Machining approximately 85 brake drums on the B 325 covers the entire annual fixed costs. Every drum thereafter is profit! Let us send you a detailed cost calculation.

The machine has been tested and approved by virtually all the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers.




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