The B 355 is the ideal machine for vehicle repair shops in which brake reconditioning is not carried out frequently enough to warrant a large, permanently operated drum turning machine.

  • Extremely low initial cost.
  • Due to its modular design are 4 model versions available:
    • B 355t/1 - 3 spindle speeds: 33/60/100 rpm
    • B 355t/2 - steplessly variable variator drive: 20 - 120 rpm
    • B 355a/1 - 3 spindle speeds and transverse drive
    • B 355a/2 - steplessly variable variator drive and transverse drive
    • The transverse drive can also be mounted later.
  • High load capacity of work arbor (500 kg!) due to far forward position of spindle bearing.
  • Axially adjustable base slide for very short and stabile toolholders.
  • Tool feed by electronically controlled DC motors. The feed in both directions is infinitely variable and "intermittent" .
  • Optional digital LCD displays for drum diameter and spindle speed.
  • Simultaneous turning and grinding of brake drums. Saves time and gives perfect surface finish.

Precision turning of both sides of brake discs in one operation (B 355a).



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