The profiling of brake linings in position, i.e. on the axle, guarantees safe braking values from the outset. Furthermore, the linings make contact over their full working surface. Overloading and consequent over-heating caused by partial contact is eliminated and both brake lining and brake drum life extended.

  • The F 308 can rotate in either direction. This enables all brake linings to be turned on the vehicle in the same direction as the wheel rotation, so that the braking forces on both wheels of the vehicle are particularly closely matched.
  • The F 308 is supplied complete with a lifting and mounting trolley which makes the machine extremely easy to handle. For skimming brake linings on hub reduction axles and on conventional stub axles the machine can be attached without any problem.
  • The skimming process is carried out fully automatically up to the automatic termination of the intermittent feed, when the preset turning depth has been reached. Machining times are very short due to the speed of rotation of 100 rpm and a steplessly variable feed. On the basis of experience, the feed is set to 0.6 mm/rev. in our works.
  • The tool slide is equipped with a digital read out which enables a faster, easier and faultless adjustment of the tools.
  • The design of the F 308 allows a toolholder with very little overhang to be used. This results in optimum concentricity, parallelism and surface finish.



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