Under water immersion cut-off machine

Cut-off machine for tool- and mould construction to edit blanking mandrel.
Grinding disc has an aperture about 200mm. 40mm axial adjustment with a digital display.

When using the UFT 370, the work piece is always completely immersed which allows a maximum cooling of the grinding point through the disc rotation. Therefore the work piece and the disc have an optimum cooling and cleaning. The machine can be operated either with cutting oil or emulsion.

  • Permanent cooling of the work piece and the grinding disc
  • Shorter cot-off times for all hard materials
  • Longer grinding disc life
  • Very high precision and excellent surface condition
  • Prevents additional operations like deswarfing and facing
  • Thanks to the immersion no fine powders in the atmosphere

This machine has been developed and built for one of the leading food packing machine builders in Europe, on the basis of the well-proven and appreciated UFT 370 immersion cut-off machine. 
In this application, knives for cutting cellophane film with a total length of 1500 mm and a final length of up to 1000 mm are cut-off. The dimension of the water tank are conceived according to the customer’s needs.

The aim for this customer is to achieve a precise and clean cut-off without burrs and blueing of the knives, as well as to prevent any subsequent operations. The immersion cut-off guarantees also a long life of the CBN discs.

Techncal data

Cut-off Ø: 1 to 50 mm
Grinding disc: Ø 200 mm
Motor with: 1,5 kW
Power supply: 400V / 50 Hz
Painting: RAL7035
Weight: about 300 kg
Dimensions: LxWxH 910x970x1600 mm

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