Automatic cut-off machine with Siemens control

  • Siemens CN for feed of work piece and grinding disc allowing a high precisions
  • Laser measuring of the grinding disc with automatic wear compensation
  • Loader (different solutions possible) allowing a long unsupervised operation
  • Automatic central greasing for all moving parts
  • Monitored clamping system to prevent breakage of the grinding disc or the rod
  • Coolant with flow control
  • Very short set-up times
  • Fully enclosed working area corresponding to the CE rules

The modern Siemens CN of the machine can be programmed with up to 5 different rod lengths for each rod, with different quantities for each length, to use the blank to the maximum. A choice of 5 grinding profiles for the various types of rods allow you to optimise the grinding cycles and reduce the risk of breakage to the grinding disc.

The Siemens CN is very user-friendly and has a graphical assistance as well as a help menu. The commands are transmitted via servo-drives, and also thanks to precision guides and high-precision ball screws an accurate positioning is achieved. The 3 kW drive can be equipped with a stepless frequency variator. The grinding spindle gives a very regular feed of the grinding disc.

The grinding disc is laser measured and its wear is automatically compensated. The machine halts at the minimum diamond layer of the grinding disc. The double clamping system (on both sides of the grinding disc) prevents chipping of the rod. This system is sensor-monitored to prevent breaking of the rod or the grinding disc. Optionally, we can equip the machine with different loaders for various applications and for long bars (up to 6000 mm)

The machine can run either with cutting oil or water-based coolant. The coolant is monitored by valves and its debit is controlled. The disc feed is stopped immediately if the coolant supply is interrupted. A strong coolant jet results in a very nice surface condition and a high precision of the cut-off road and increases the life of the grinding disc.

Technical data

Ø Range: 1 – 32 mm
X axis path: 420 mm
Grinding disc: Ø 200 mm
Power supply: 3 kW
Electric supply: 400V / 50 Hz
Colours: RAL 2002 RAL 5007
Machine weight : ca. 700 kg
Dimensions: LxBxH 1450x950x1700 mm


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