For empty and refill diesel, petrol and ethanol fuel tanks rapidly and completely without the risk of explosion, in aluminium box for field service. Without container.

 After incorrect fuel filling, an accident or before vehicle transport: the compact devices in the TP series can be taken directly to where their excellent performance is required.

The pump unit can be transported comfortably and wellprotected in the heavy-duty aluminium box.

On top of this, the box has space for all the necessary hoses and adapters.

The pneumatic pump has excellent performance with its approx. 10 L per minute.

A 20 L canister (not included in delivery) is suitable as a collection container for the fuel which has been pumped out.

Technical Features

Exhaust tube       DN 8 x 2.5 m
Flow rate            10 l/min
Air consumption 200 l/min
Tank capacity     ohne Tank
Height                350 mm
Weight               11 kg
Length               400 mm
Width                          300 mm


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