Filling and emptying system for empty and refill diesel, petrol and ethanol fuel tanks rapidly and completely without the risk of explosion. Mobile system.

The transportable TANK PRIMUS 90 is fitted with a built-in-in 100 L tank.
Switching over from extraction to refilling is carried out by simply recoupling the hose connections.
A protected optical fill level indicator shows the quantity of fuel in the device tank.
The TANK PRIMUS 90 is fitted with a variety of safety devices. Earthing terminal and conductive rollers ensure equipotential bonding.
GS certified

Technical Features

Exhaust tube      DN 8 x 2.5 m
Flow rate           10 l/min
Width                 543 mm
Air consumption 200 l/min
Tank capacity    100 l
Height               1027 mm
Weight              35 kg
Length              618 mm

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