Columbus wheel spinner is intended for use in the control of the wheels of heavy vehicles - trucks, buses, trailers etc. It can also be used to control wheels of light vehicles - cars, vans, etc. By spinning the vehicle wheel at the appropriate speed it can easily reveal noisy wheel bearings, imbalance of wheels, rims warped, uneven tire etc.

On vehicles equipped with ABS and EBS braking system, the wheel spinner can be used to spin the wheel and check that the control signals from the wheels are accurate and reach the computer properly.

The acceleration of the vehicle wheel is done by pressing the spinner wheel against the side of the vehicle wheel, and moving the shaft forward to increase the pressure and turn the handle.

Columbus Wheel Spinner accelerates the speed of the vehicle wheel with virtually no slippage between the spinner wheel and the tire, which minimizes odour and noise. When the desired speed is reached the wheel spinner is backed away and one can listen for sounds from the wheel bearing or other errors. To slow down the speed of the vehicle wheel - just press the spinner wheel against the vehicle wheel and turn the handle so that the spinner wheel rotates in the opposite direction. Columbus wheel spinner is equipped with a special designed electric motor with high starting torque, which significantly reduces the time for acceleration and desacceleration of the vehicle wheel. Another major advantage of the Columbus wheel spinner is that you can spin the wheel to a vehicle speed of about 80 km/h, making possible detection of bearing failures and other possible errors that only occur at higher speeds. High spinning speed also allows the bearing grease in the hub coming up in the higher temperature and softens so that sound from bearings with less damage emerges clearly. Wheel bearings with minor injuries are often missed when using wheel spinners that provide a maximum spinning speed of 50 - 60 km/h. With the high spinning speed that Columbus wheel spinner offers, you also have plenty of time to determine if a wheel bearing is damaged or not.

Note – the wheel spinners SP85-HD is not a wheel balancing machine: if you want to balance vehicle wheels, equipment for this purpose must be procured. Columbus Maskiner AB does not deliver such equipment!

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