New, unique design and function for dismounting the conic bolts on passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with ease.

The tool is developed for the new front suspensions with longer conic bolts often fi tted in aluminum cones. These fi ttings sit harder and are also more fragile than the older steel versions. The press tool has two diff erent heights to choose from, 60 or 72 mm. The anvil tool has two diff erent opening sizes, 26 or 32 mm. Both of the tools can switch position for superior access in tight areas of the wheel suspension. The hydraulic cylinder presses 4,5 Tons and give a safe and problem free dismounting. To increase the safety even further the tool is delivered with a safety strap. This will prevent the tool from falling down during operation. The tool is used with a 700 bar hydraulic pump which you can find here.

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