Press clamp for dismounting and mounting of steering joints, steering and brake levers and wheel bolts on trucks/buses and light commercial vehicles. Pressure 700 bar, force 8,8t. Patented universal and unique solution on the market.

Press clamp for dismounting steering joints on trucks/buses and ball-joints on light commercial vehicles.

The clamp in this set is used in combination with the different adaptors for compressing slotted bushings on trucks and buses. A vise is used to easily compress the bushings, a lock pin are then tapped in and locks the clamp during mounting of the bushing.

The combination of sizes on the press pipes and press plates makes the set very useful on commercial vehicles, ether directly on the chassis or in the shop press. The fixing plate in the set makes it possible to fixate the press pipes on to the bottom of the press block.

Puller/remover for wheel hubs of commercial vehicles. For every type of hubs, different kits depending on the size and type of hubs.

Puller/remover for flanges of gearbox and prop shaft flanges of heavy duty vehicles. Universal use for all types of vehicles. The removal and assembly of flanges e.g in case of changing the shaft bearings can be carried out on the vehicle without disassembly of the gearbox or prop shaft. 

Puller/remover for bearings of prop shaft and steering pitman arms of heavy duty vehicles. Universal use for all types of vehicles. Easy acces to the bearings and pitman with adjustable and special wegde formed tools. 

A brand new tool for dismantling of floating (Volvo, DAF, Renault) brake discs. It consists of 2 pcs 14 ton cylinders of special form and a control valve for crosswise pressing.

Press for automatic brake adjusters with the use the same cylinder as to the ball joints. Fits to the most Haldex and BPW types on the market.

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