Universal pressing and pulling hydraulic cylinder with unique features. 700 bar, 8,5-14-18-22-32-45 t force.Designed for everyday use in auto repair shops.

CF single acting push cylinders are constructed of high quality steel and are designed for harsh environments.
These units are meeting customer requirements across the globe. 5-45 ton capacity and 127-300 mm stroke length.

CFC single acting push cylinders are real all-round cylinders. They come in a wide range of capacities and strokes. The CFC cylinders' compact design provides high force in a small package. The cylinders are fitted with rod end scrapers to keep dirt from entering the cylinder and ensuring proper function in harsh environments. 5-95 ton capacity and 27-362 mm stroke length.

CX-series cylinder with 700 bar, 220 ton lifting capacity, 100 mm stroke.

CH/CHF hollow cylinders can be used for both push and pull operations due to the through-hole. 6-51 t capacity, 50-75 mm stroke.

CL and CLF cylinders are the right choice for those who need small and compact installation dimensions. 5-202 ton capacity and 10-50 mm stroke length.

CPF cylinders are pulling cylinders with 5 ton or 11 ton capacity. 125-127 mm stroke length.

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