This set is designed to cover most Kingpins on the market,also the conical types. It’s used with 32/45 ton hydraulic cylinder designed with punching capability. For the operation you will need a hydraulic pump which is operating on 700 bar pressure. If needed please go to the Hydraulic pumps and chooose the appropriate one.
This function makes it possible to hammer on the cylinder (with punch adaptor 1086-6 fitted) during maximum pressure. The combination of high pressure and vibrations are very efficient 
and often crucial for a successful result. With this tool, heating or heavy lifting in the shop press is no longer needed.
The compact design makes it possible to do the job also on buses where the access normally is limited.
For Sania types we suggest the 32 t version, for the other vehicle type the 45 t version will be neccessary. 
The set is used with the brand specifi c sets add on kits that also are available.
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