With JOSAM i-track a diagnosis of the alignment of a vehicle is faster and more efficient than ever before. Set aside one or more places in the workshop which are allocated for wheel alignment and perform measurement diagnoses on an assembly line basis.

The biggest difference compared to the earlier system, is that the target scales for the JOSAM i-track are mounted on the walls or the floor of the workplace. The only things that are mounted on the vehicle are the wheel adapters and the measuring heads. This means that vehicles, which earlier were difficult to measure on account of a lack of appropriate places to mount the measuring equipment, can now be measured without any problems. Examples of vehicle types where there were earlier difficulties are buses, minibuses, and light trucks. Now one can measure these vehicles quickly, simply and with precision and repeatability.

In a workshop without a pit, the earlier problems meant that it was difficult to fasten the scales on buses and minibuses. This problem is completely eliminated with the JOSAM i-track. The system can be used simply to make a diagnosis, or in connection with an adjustment.

The surface that is used for wheel alignment can of course be utilized for other types of work in the workplace when the system is not being used.

Quickness and precision when using the JOSAM i-track results in less work hours which means that your facility in the area of wheel alignment is more efficient and more competitive and therefore more profitable.

For an operator working alone, measuring a 6×2 vehicle takes about five minutes. If there are two operators the measuring time can easily be cut in half. During adjustment, the system shows live updated measuring values.








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