Pneumo-hydraulic, pneumatic quick hub with forced repatriation for quick fixing of the workpiece, table height adjustment through the press cylinder, standard with sideways adjustable pressure cylinders, integrated pressure gauge, safety valve, single-acting cylinder with removable pressure shoe, high-pressure pump and 2 directional blocks.


Pressure capacity

25 t

40 t

60 t

100 t

Piston stroke

300 mm

300 mm

300 mm

300 mm

Snap intervals

220 mm

265 mm

310 mm

300 mm

External set-up dimensions (W x D x H)

1010x540x1732 mm

1190x600x1740 mm

1390x680x1982 mm

1600x800x2042 mm


215 kg

425 kg

625 kg

1200 kg




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