We do wheel alignment ourselves as well in our workshop. Our equipment is suitable for measuring and aligning a wide range of vehicles: passenger cars with chassis, transporters, limousines, trucks, busses, special vehicles, trailers, agricultural tractors etc. wheel diameters 9-24", vehicles with 4 or more axles and 2 or more steering axles. 

Repair of chassis, cabs, bodies, platforms, axle beams and further heavy steel constructios with the most up-to-date equipments, 5-10-20-100 t hydraulics. Measurment with laser and camera systems. 

We repair every type and make of turbochargers from the smallest vehicle charger up to the locomotive and ship engine turbo size. We have the up to date machinery and equipments, the spare parts and the technical data and knowlegde which is neccessary to the repair. 25 year of knowlegde and experiences of turbo repair we have. Warranty of repair is according to the current legal laws  Repair is not guaranteed only in cases when spare parts are not available (some Russian turbos or the very new types, when the manufacturer deliberately does not provide spare parts.) Details of repair see below. 

We offer very wide range of hoses and pipe lines. All the types of hoses and pipelines which can be built in road and railway vehicles. water, fuel, oil,grease, air, hydraulic, aircon, high pressure injection, brake, exhaust, etc hoses and pipes, many of them available on stock or manufactured in no time.                

Tyre workshop for passenger cars and commercial vehicles which will be combined with wheel alignment. 

Oil change, brake repair, play detection, axle pin change, prepare for technical inspection, dignostics, etc. any other general repair  

Vehicle aircon service, vacuum test, refillment, operation test.

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