We repair every type and make of turbochargers from the smallest vehicle charger up to the locomotive and ship engine turbo size. We have the up to date machinery and equipments, the spare parts and the technical data and knowlegde which is neccessary to the repair. 25 year of knowlegde and experiences of turbo repair we have. Warranty of repair is according to the current legal laws  Repair is not guaranteed only in cases when spare parts are not available (some Russian turbos or the very new types, when the manufacturer deliberately does not provide spare parts.) Details of repair see below. 

General rules of repair

Reception of turbochargers

Generally we accept turbocharges tken off the vehicle. We do not disssembly turbos from vehicles, we are not prepared for it. Please take only the turbo without further connecting parts and without disassembly. When received the turbo you may have the first offer according to the visual inspection regarding price and repair time.

Disassembly, final offer 

According to the kind of failure it may happen that the final offer for repair can be obtained only after disassembly and cleaning of the major parts of the turbo. In case of repair or exchange of turbo it is free of charge for the Customer. After the disassembly and cleaning the Customer receives the final offer for the repair. 

Cleaning, repair

Accepting the repair offer comes cleaning in more phases (remove of oil mud, blasting, cold fluid cleaning, if neccessary ultrasonic cleaning), change of the parts according to the manufactureres repair instructions,  balance test of the revolving parts (shaft and wheel) and assembly of the core.

Inspection and adjustment

After completing the core assembly at small speed rotation (10.000-30.000 rev/min) the oil leakage and balance control is the first step.  In every case at high speed rotation (100.000-300.000 rev/min) the imbalance of second and third grade of own vibration will be checked. If there are further  regulator elements (variable geometry, by-pass valve) they will be also checked. The control of the pneumatic and electronic elements is every day use.  The final obligatory control is the flow test. Without this the repair is not acceptable today.

Change of core

According to the practice today the 90% of the repair is the change of complete core. This eanbles fast repair at reasonable price. 

With every repair you may receive a protocol of the high speed balance and flow test.


If offer for repair not accepted the old turbocharger will not be kept longer than 30 days. If the charger has been disassembled, according to the manufacureres instructions the old parts will not be assembled again. The repaired turbochargers will be kept for 30 days for the Customers disposal, after 30 days will be sold out. 

More for identification of the turbochargers see here




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