We do wheel alignment ourselves as well in our workshop. Our equipment is suitable for measuring and aligning a wide range of vehicles: passenger cars with chassis, transporters, limousines, trucks, busses, special vehicles, trailers, agricultural tractors etc. wheel diameters 9-24", vehicles with 4 or more axles and 2 or more steering axles. 

If you compere the prices of wheel alignment services you also should compare the content of services. Many companies measure only toe of the steering axle, maybe also camber for independent wheel suspensions.

With these you only can solve appr. 50% of the problems! According to our 25 year experience in the field ther are much more to measure and align. If you want to have 100% solution see below what we offer  for you.

Under wheel alignment we understand to measure and align all of the axles of the vehicles. If tractor-trailer or semitraler, than all the axles of the vehicle configuration. We measure for rigid axles and trailer axles toe, camber, axle position, for steering axles toe, camber, axle position, caster, kpi, power steering middle position, maximal turn out, toot at 20°. we are the sole company in Hungary adjusting and straightening axles beams.  




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